Mrs. Mukherjee: “I’m  married and a dissatisfied homemaker. Everyday my husband leaves for his job, I invite my ex boyfriend. We spend time together till evening and then he leaves before my husband comes home. I know I’m doing wrong to me husband. Please help. 

AS: You said you have a husband who works from morning till evening and a boyfriend who spends hours with you. If you feel your husband is faithful, we suggest you leave him otherwise your are cheating on yourself, your husband and your boyfriend. 

​Disloyalty has now became an integral part of modern society. No matter how hard we try to hide it behind the veil of liberaty and open mindedness, it is still considered  an inhumane attribute in any civilized society. 

I conducted a sample study amongst  a group of middle aged men and women who happened to be disloyal to their respective spouses at least for once in their lifetime. Inferences drawn from their feedbacks were alarming. 

In most cases the reasons were materialistic dissatisfaction leading to physical and psychological emptiness. Consequentialy leading them to the hamletsque juncture of “to be or not to be?”- with their existing partner. 


In today’s world where consumptions is a crucial unit of measuring happiness, we tend treat our social relations as posessions, designed to give us happiness and pleasure exclusively. People buy motorcycles or mobile phones with extended warranty in order to maximize it’s resale value. 

​Likewise, relationships are also coming with an extended warranty- the time we take to justify ourselves before indulging in another affair. Once they manage a good reason and better partner, they discard the old ones, unhesitatingly.

Social media plays a decisive role in instigating the feeling of dissatisfaction which otherwise is the key to promote consumerism. Several studies reported how prolonged time spent on social media reignites our cravings and desire drastically. These desires remaining unquenched for too long affects our psyche and we start looking out for alternate pleasures. 

​So stop those irrational stories going on in your mind and start loving your spouse like never before. May be he/she is just a victim of this hamletsque dilemma. Share your love and experience. Tell him/her that you care. Share this article to make them realize that love is a beautiful journey and not an option. 


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