Buy-Os- Fear 4

Buy-Os- Fear 4

It’s our own mind that augurs our impulsive buying behavior. Did you ever wonder why everytime you visit a hyper retail, you end up purchasiing more than your actual prior allotted budget? Have you ever wondered, what compels us to buy an additional insurance policy?


We consume because we want to consume. It is our own urge to consume that compels us to incur those additional expenses. Job of marketers is only to encourage that urge among consumers. In retail marketing, it is said ‘your eye level is your buy level’. Hence product placement on humble shelves play a vital role in encouraging buying behavior. Standees, posters, cutouts, even audio visual presentation on plasma monitors, placed all across the spree often allures or intimidates us to consume. Introduction of small plastic buckets along with steel trolleys have significantly facilitated buying behavior.

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There is also a different kind of positioning  which facilitates consumption. It is by inducing fear factor in consumer minds. Fear plays a crucial role in consumer psyche. Remember, zillion dollar insurance industries solely rely on fear psychosis of the consumers. “what if” I die tomorrow? or “what if” I meet an accident? or “What if” I get dumped by my family in far future? These are basic psychological concerns which drive the entire insurance industry.

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This kind of communications either remind us of our present necessities or triggers our assumptions for its future relevance or it may also promise us an elevated social status at most vulnerable stage of our lives.

While training marketing professionals, I often tell them that by marketing TG we do not mean any individual but it’s their brain (cognitive behavior) which actually guides those individuals. In our daily lives, we often like people or irk at some but the truth is that every individual is the product of their brain functioning. So in marketing also we do not communicate with any specific individual but all marketing messages are meant to address their brains.

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Fear psychosis mostly instigates our Reptilian Brain, which directly caters to our instincts and is responsible to induce fight or flight stress in our minds. This part of the brain is deeply located at the bottom of our brain and drives us through our instincts. Buying insurance is like facing the fear or fighting the insecurities with a weapon named, insurance policy. While flight stress teaches us on how to evade an insurance agent.

Even words or phrases like ‘first come, first serve”, “offer till stock lasts”, “limited edition”, “Hurry”- somehow instigates human minds to behave as the advertisers wish them to do. Fear of getting deprived of the stock or offer motivates their buying behaviour.
So next time, while planning marketing communications- fear psychosis should not be ignored as a relevant positioning strategy.

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