CV is good, story is better.

CV is good, story is better.

“Storytelling is as old as the campfire, and as young as a tweet”- Richard Branson

Last night I went to watch movie at a nearby theatre. To my amazement, the man sitting next to me was watching the trailer of the same movie in his mobile phone (thanks to Jio)! In this process he missed the climax of the movie he paid for.

In most cases HR professionals do the same thing while hiring new recruits. I have seen employers recruiting people based on their assumptions derived from applicant’s CV. Given the authority to recruit people, I went in contrary to this popular ritual. And now I can boast of a talented pool of young professionals who can make every impossible possible. In last 3 months they have been setting remarkable examples in terms of proficiency and deliverance. Adversities are no longer excuses rather they consider them as integral attributes in their daily schedule.

Certainly, creating such a pool of  resource is no big deal unless you are hailing from a non-MBA background, suddenly entrusted with the daunting task of HR.

Ignorance is bliss. With no formal knowlwdge of HR, I’d to rely on my gut feelings. As an advertising professional, I always relied on stories rather than facts and figures. We conducted almost 100 interviews to select a pool of 6 professionals who can steer the course of business and profitability for my clients.

CVs to me are always over ornated depiction of the applicants. I have never seen a CV elucidating vices of the applicant. Every CV warrants the applicant as Dalai Lama seeking Nirvana through a mortal sales job.

Hence we started searching for people with stories, persuasive stories of achievements and humane failures.This is because stories have an emotional power to persuade that gives them an edge over pure logic.

Leadership stories are designed to change our conventional thought process. Stories are carefully chosen to achieve objectives. This can be done only when our audience (be it an employer or customer) can connect and resonate with our story.

To achieve a purpose, we have to think about what people will take from the story. A purposeful story should have substance, sincerity and a great truth at its core. It should also have a strong call to action. We need to know what the listener/s want to believe and understand at the end of the story. The key principle, as always, must be to change behaviours and achieve results.

In those hundred interviews, we never asked applicants about their achievements and aspirations. Rather some of the applicants broke into tears when asked a simple question: “what has been your worst failure, mention of which makes you feel disconcerted?” A single question breaks through their ultra attentive persona while exposing their long suppressed vulnerability. We are, how we deal with our vulnerabilities.

To err is human, especially when you are into sales and marketing. This is the reason why we never desired for a perfect professional, impeccably dressed, sans slightest traits to err. They are superficial with attitude like that of a machinery. Marketing is nothing but communication, and we only love to communicate with human beings.

In last 100 interviews I met two kinds of applicants. One, stuffed with corporate jargons, freshly rolled out of business schools (or even experienced) and others though hailing from diverse backgrounds but stuffed with stories of myriad hues.
While the former failed to convince me for buying a brand new Parker pen; the latter bagged a nod with a joining letter.

I suggest all aspiring job applicants to pause and start searching for stories in their own lives. You are not a CV but your unique insights derived from stories within. 



Buy-bell (Prologue)


If you have read the cover story of Buy-O-Logical, you must be knowing that this blog series is just assumptions, completely based on my own experience and apprehensions as an advertising professional. As the cover title was inspired from the bestseller by Martin Lindstrom, we owe our gratitude to the legendary researcher.

We all know the root cause of consumption is nenecessity, Buy-O-Logical will gradually unravel the mystery that drives our buying behaviour. It will vastly delineate the logic, necessity and societal belief systems which promote consumption. It reveals all possible situtations in which we succumb to our desire for spending. How our friends, family and society instigate our individual buying habits.

This is a journal series based on practical experiences and case studies from large and small business houses. Buy-O-Logical lends an unique perspective to both consumers and sellers about the intricacies and intrinsic logic that we deal with before buying.
Follow our series, get introduced to the unknown “You”.

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When do we buy? 

When we need it.

When he/she says that we need it. 

When they say that we may need it. 


I believe, no ism unites us more than consumerism.


Buy-O- Logical is an independent attempt by #Asksubho to unearth the deepest drivers of human psychology and logic which drives human behaviour, consequently fuelling the frenzy named- Consumerism.


“Though my decade long stint in advertising and audio visual media has not ensured me a fortune but it did confer me with indelible understanding of human psyche and behaviour.” –Subhadip Ghosh.

Buy-O-Logical is a deeper introspection of human psyche and consumer behaviour in India. It is an attempt to unravel the intinsic logic of consumption in India. A nation with over 1.25 billion population is fast becoming the hub of global businesses and corporates. Buy-O-Logical is a series of blogs starting with a prologue followed by 7 articles and an epilogue to encapsulate the philosophy behind consumer India. We hope you will find them relevant and intriguing.

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5 Most Useful Tools To Design A High Quality Website

5 Most Useful Tools To Design A High Quality Website

Animation Blog


Pixate is an app that has been created for making intuitive, interactive prototypes for iOS and Android. In order to make websites this particular application is very useful and efficient. One can rely on this application for making some major as well as basic changes that are required in a website. Pixate makes web designing much simpler and extremely tangible to the designer. The app allows you to build up an asset library really quickly. To start creating your prototype, just drag and drop your assets into the app and you’ll find them in your layers palette ready to use.

 Adobe Photoshop

Globally hailed as the most powerful image editing software available, Photoshop continues to lead the pack with every new release. Not only is it a fully featured image editing suite, it also is considered the standard in many web design circles. This is important for you as…

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হারানো চাবি খুঁজে পেতে, ক্লিক করুন।

এই দ্রুত পরিবর্তনশীল সমাজে আমাদের কারুর সময় নেই একটু ভাবনার। সময় নেই একটু দাঁড়িয়ে বেহিসাবী জীবনের হিসেবটুকু মিলিয়ে নেওয়ার। অবাক লাগে যখন দেখি মানুষ জ্ঞানশূণ্য হয়ে ছুটেছে এক অজানা পরিতৃপ্তির খোঁজে।  

আজ তো মানুষ শিক্ষিত হওয়ার আগেও চাকরীর নিসচয়তা চাইছে। ব্যক্তিস্বার্থ চরিতার্থ করতে- সমাজের লাখ লাখ মানুষ দিনে দিনে অন্ধ এবং দিক্বিদিক জ্ঞানশূণ্য হয়ে যাচ্ছে। এই অন্ধত্বের কারনেই রাজনীতি আজ কলুষিত, পেশাগত ভাবে ডাক্তারদের একটি বড় অংশ খুনীতে পরিণত হয়েছে। ধর্মগুরুরা কেউ নারী সম্মান লুন্ঠিত করে কারাদন্ডে অথবা কেউ ধর্মের নামে লাশের ব্যবসা করে। 

ঠিক এরকম সময় দাঁড়িয়ে একদল ছোট ছোট ছেলেমেয়েরা মিলে সৃষ্টি করছে “বৃত্ত”। মানুষ কে তাদের হারানো মানবিকতা ফিরিয়ে দিতেই বৃত্ত। দিকভ্রান্ত হয়ে ছুটে চলার মাঝের একফালি শান্তির  অবকাশ- বৃত্ত। রাজনীতির নিরন্তর মিথ্যে প্রতিশ্রুতির মাঝে এক অম্লান হাসির নাম- বৃত্ত। মিথ্যে সম্পর্কের জটিলতা থেকে মুক্তির নাম বৃত্ত। আমার এবং আপনার নাম বৃত্ত

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What makes our partner disloyal?

What makes our partner disloyal?

Mrs. Mukherjee: “I’m  married and a dissatisfied homemaker. Everyday my husband leaves for his job, I invite my ex boyfriend. We spend time together till evening and then he leaves before my husband comes home. I know I’m doing wrong to me husband. Please help. 

AS: You said you have a husband who works from morning till evening and a boyfriend who spends hours with you. If you feel your husband is faithful, we suggest you leave him otherwise your are cheating on yourself, your husband and your boyfriend. 

​Disloyalty has now became an integral part of modern society. No matter how hard we try to hide it behind the veil of liberaty and open mindedness, it is still considered  an inhumane attribute in any civilized society. 

I conducted a sample study amongst  a group of middle aged men and women who happened to be disloyal to their respective spouses at least for once in their lifetime. Inferences drawn from their feedbacks were alarming. 

In most cases the reasons were materialistic dissatisfaction leading to physical and psychological emptiness. Consequentialy leading them to the hamletsque juncture of “to be or not to be?”- with their existing partner. 


In today’s world where consumptions is a crucial unit of measuring happiness, we tend treat our social relations as posessions, designed to give us happiness and pleasure exclusively. People buy motorcycles or mobile phones with extended warranty in order to maximize it’s resale value. 

​Likewise, relationships are also coming with an extended warranty- the time we take to justify ourselves before indulging in another affair. Once they manage a good reason and better partner, they discard the old ones, unhesitatingly.

Social media plays a decisive role in instigating the feeling of dissatisfaction which otherwise is the key to promote consumerism. Several studies reported how prolonged time spent on social media reignites our cravings and desire drastically. These desires remaining unquenched for too long affects our psyche and we start looking out for alternate pleasures. 

​So stop those irrational stories going on in your mind and start loving your spouse like never before. May be he/she is just a victim of this hamletsque dilemma. Share your love and experience. Tell him/her that you care. Share this article to make them realize that love is a beautiful journey and not an option. 

How to succeed in life?

“It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion.” –Oscar Wilde

“Be your own worst critic.When things go wrong it’s tempting to shift the blame.Don’t.Accept responsibility. People will appreciate it, and you will find out what you are capable of.” -Paul Arden

Paul Arden: Former Executive Creative Director at Saatchi & Saatchi. A legend of British advertising.